The Band

The musicians from Les Belles du Swing perform a combination of fast-paced and laidback swing numbers in three-part harmonies with German lyrics. The band have given a contemporary makeover to swing classics from the 20s to the 50s incorporating jazz-style improvisation and their own German lyrics, many of them telling a different story to the original.
On stage Les Belles du Swing like to engage and interact with their audience; their concerts exude their passion for music, featuring cabaret, humour and poetry.


Live at one of the most popular german festivals
Live at one of the most popular german festivals “Songs an einem Sommerabend”

Why swing?

Lightness and joie de vivre are the essence of swing. We take light entertainment seriously and aim to bring out its beauty and depth. The swing groove lilts and flows, generating new and vibrant styles of dance: Dancing to acoustic music is back in vogue.
Swing fever has swept over Berlin in the last few years and we love the fact that it crosses over into so many different scenes.

American swing from the 20s, 30s and 40s is familiar to all, but Europe was also home to a thriving swing movement. We have mainly focused on French swing and jazz played by German Sinti and Roma, known as gypsy swing. During the Third Reich, swing and jazz were classed as “degenerate art” and banned, bringing this cultural development to an abrupt halt.
Our goal is to take up where this movement left off and inject it with elements of chanson, pop and modern jazz, bringing the French-German swing-club tradition into the modern day.


How we work

Each of the musicians in the band takes part in the creative process.
Some write lyrics and arrange songs; all members compose. The two bandleaders develop ideas and concepts and create the framework for all of the band’s musicians to evolve musically and contribute equally.
We place great value on working together as an ensemble. We try out all ideas.
From time to time, we invite choreographers and directors to work with us to develop the theatrical elements of our performances on stage.




The Ladies

Doro Gehr – Bandleader, grand piano, accordion, vocals

Doro Gehr

For me the grand piano is the most beautiful of all instruments.
It has a very special quality that at times transports me to a whole other level – these are life’s precious moments.
I grew up in a musical family. My father – a church musician – mainly listened to Bach. As a result, the whole family mainly listened to Bach.
But one day I heard “A Night in Tunisia”: My auditory senses were never quite the same after that and I flew the family nest – in spite of my love for Bach.
Although I’d always wanted to make music, I spent a decade as a piano-playing actress in the theatre, moving from place to place.
For a long time I didn’t know which I loved more: music or theatre?
I find I’m happiest when music blends into theatre and theatre into music.

In 2005, after a lot of musical experimentation and a large variety of theatre and music projects, I started the swing band Les Belles du Swing with Silke Fell. It had always been a dream of mine to work together with other artists, supporting and drawing inspiration from each other and making music together.
I’m very proud of Les Belles du Swing.  We never cease to experiment and I’m sure we still have a lot to discover yet

  • 2017 Theater “Emil und die Detektiveand “Der kleine Wassermann”
  • 2016 and 2017 Nomination for “Ikarus” price Berlin,  for outstanding theater production
  • musical direction Heisse Zeiten Eurostudio Landgraf and at “Atze -theater  Berlin
  • German “Kleinkunstpreis” 1989
  • Since 2008: Pianist and keyboardist in the Ina Deter Band
  • 1986-1997: Permanent member of the theatre ensemble Theater Wilde Mischung, Berlin
  • Played the role of Maria Stuart in “Maria Stuart – schriller als Schiller” at venues such as Vienna Künstlerhaus theatre, Drill Hall Arts Centre in London, Schmidt Theater Hamburg, Theatertreffen Berlin, Volksbühne Berlin, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Pantheon Bonn, Comedia Colonia and Tollhaus Karlsruhe
  • 2004 Festival international de la musique pop à Peking, Chine
  • Formation de danse et de composition entre autres à la Erick Hawkins Dance School à New York
  • Concert and theatre tours in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, China, England and Switzerland, Productions TV and CD


Silke Fell – Bandleader, guitar, vocals

At the tender age of 14 I bought myself an electric guitar with my first hard earned pocket money. I became the only rock guitarist in the Saar-area.This investment was well worth it. I have since become the owner of a Gypsy guitar, a Flamenco guitar, a Ukulele and a Banjo. I committed myself to an inspiring study of music paid for by my first fees. At last I was able to integrate ideas of the different music styles, and I could live and work as a guitarist. By having my own solo programme and being part of the band “Les Belles du Swing” I have turned my dream into my dream job

  • Concerts with Herman van Veen Onder vrienden
  • Radio presentations at radio Multikulti, Jazzradio Berlin, WDR, etc.
  • Berlin Fringe Jazz Festival, Wintergarten Berlin, Berliner Ensemble, Wiener Hofburg, Presseball Hamburg, Expo 2000, Messe Frankfurt, IAA
  • CD “Sunset Glow – bethree”, Edition Collage, GLM
  • 2014 Komödie am Kudamm
  • A guest performance as a guitarist in the movie Obsession” by Peter Sehr with Heike Makatsch and Daniel Craig
  • TV-productions: “Wolffs Revier”, “GZSZ”, etc.
  • Engagements at the state theatre Cottbus, Theater Frankfurt/Oder, Theater Brandenburg, Bernhardt-Theater Zürich
  • festival guitars & roses

Katja Katsuba – vocals





Barbara Klehr – vocals


…studied acting at the »Berlin school of performing art“ and has been a free-lancer since 1991. Before focusing on the Gorillas, she worked at the Theatre in Rudolstadt (Thuringia), at the Theater des Westens (Berlin), and with the musical cabaret theatres (»Zwei Drittel« , »Womedy«).
Most recently she made a further education at the »Berlin Institute for Musical Therapy“ and the Christoph Maar Institute (as psychotherapeutic practitioner).
She likes to bring the ideas of improv into therapeutic areas, such as working with stutterers. But she has also been working at the Career College of the UdK and at the ISFF Berlin.
Her heart is with singing. She studied Jazz singing with Cornelia and Reggie Moore.






James Scannell - Saxofon, Klarinette
James Scannell – Saxophon, Clarinet



Susanne Folk – Saxophon, Clarinet


Berit Jung – Doublebass


Lizzy Scharnofske - Schlagzeug
Lizzy Scharnofske – Drums